Map a Stellar 2015

Kick Start your 2015 with out guide I serve, I deserve: Mapping a Stellar 2015. An action-book that will help you decide what you want your blog to focus on.

July 2014 Income Report

Welcome to out first income report! Here, you’ll find how our new projects are doing. This month we are just highlighting one of our web properties that after being pretty much stagnant it has now become a lifestyle blog where I plan to write about my journey to getting fit as well as have contributing writers…Continue Reading →

Lesson 1: Growth Requires Patience

I’ve been working on the Blogging Income Reports Matrix for the past couple of weeks. It’s very inspiring to see all the blogs that are reporting income. Lesson #1:  growth requires patience. As of May 29, we have 72 blogs. The one common denominator is their consistency and patience. Some of these people have been…Continue Reading →

FeedBurner alternatives for your list building efforts

Google Reader will be saying its last good bye on July 1st. This means you might be a little nervous of losing the email subscribers that you have worked so hard to get. Steps to move from FeedBurner 1) First thing you need to know is to use: WordPress blogs: Blogger blogs: as…Continue Reading →